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CREW HQ is Middlesex University’s open platform for all those interested in creative writing and story-telling, no matter the discipline you prefer, whether it’s computer gaming, poetry, short story writing, novels, creative non-fiction, genre writing, literary fiction, role-playing games, comic books, journalistic narratives, whatever your stripe!

All are welcome.

Here, you’ll find members who are professional writers, hobbyists, readers-who-dabble-with-writing, leisure writers, younger writers, those who represent schools, teachers of writing, agents, publishers, and more. All are here to share their passion, knowledge and experience. We hope there’s something for everyone! Don’t be shy – after all, you get out what you put in.

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Under author name A J Dalton, Adam has published ten novels, including science fiction, fantasy, literary fiction, horror and crime. His main trilogy (Empire of the Saviours) with the publisher Gollancz Orion was listed for the World Fantasy Prize. He has also published best-selling titles such as The Book of Angels with Grimbold Books.


Dr Adam J Dalton,

Lecturer English and Creative Writing

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