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From author interviews, to free creative writing mini-lessons, to video-lectures, to our Creative Writing Toolkit for Schools, to recordings of professional writers revealing their secrets, to listings of opportunities for writers, we hope to provide you with what you need here.


[Actually, there’s no copyright on ‘ideas’, only on the particular written (or otherwise artistic) expression of those ideas. For example, Stephen King’s Under the Dome (2009) doesn’t infringe the copyright of The Simpsons Movie (2007) just because both involve characters living under a glass dome! Similarly, The Simpsons Movie doesn’t infringe the copyright of John Christopher’s The Tripods (1984), which also features people living under a dome!]

Author interviews

Author Interviews

As a part of both our North London Literary Festival and Writers in Discussion (our regular online series), we bring you exclusive interviews with successful writers. Check out their inspiration, writing advice, tips and tricks!

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Writer's Journey

The Writer's Journey features short pieces written by current and former MA Novel Writing students. Those journeys could be literal, physical, emotional or spiritual. It could be non-fictional, fictional, realistic or fantastical. All that's guaranteed is that they are all one-of-the-kind and inspirational stories.

Indeed, MA student Brian Hicks' contribution to the project last year, “Bittersweet”, was shortlisted (under his pen-name Trevor Stephenson) for the Miller Audio Award

run by the prestigious Missouri Review.