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Creative Non-fiction

Renowned writer of creative non-fiction Ben Barkow is an alumnus of Middlesex University. Barkow was born in Berlin but lived in London from the age of four. After employment as a researcher at the Wellcome Institute for the History of Medicine, he was the director of The Wiener Holocaust Library from 1998 to 2019. Amongst his celebrated works are Alfred Wiener and the Making of the Holocaust Library, Testaments of the Holocaust (as series editor), and Philipp Manes, As Though it were a Life. He is also a member of the editorial advisory board of Jewish Renaissance magazine.

Jewish Renaissance

Middlesex University also has a strong tradition in the researching, teaching and publishing of creative non-fiction. Academic Lorna Gibb is the author of Lady Hester: Queen of the East and West’s World: The Extraordinary Life of Dame Rebecca West. Her first novel, A Ghost’s Story, was published by Granta in 2015, while Childless Voices: Stories of Longing, Loss, Resistance and Choice was published in 2019.