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Research Excellence

Middlesex University works in many areas of educational research and innovation. One particular project that is being run at the moment is the Creative Writing Toolkit for Schools. If you represent a school that would like to partner with the university on such a project or others, do feel free to contact either Dr Adam Dalton or Dr Ariel Kahn.

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In addition, Middlesex University supervises many PhDs in English Literature, Creative Writing and other story-telling disciplines such as Games Design, TV and Film, Theatre and more. The university has particular areas of specialism, including genre-writing, post-colonial literature, semiology and the use of narrative in education. Importantly, as can be seen below, based on our staff being both creative practitioners and academic researchers, Middlesex emphasises practice-based research as much as traditional critical research. 

Dr Anna Charalambidou is currently supervising four PhDs, one on semiology, one on the use of narrative in the classroom, and two on hybrid forms of English. Indeed, Dr Charalambidou maintains the London English website to complement her research.

Professor Paul Cobley is one of the world's leading academics in the fields of semiotics, communication and narrative. He currently supervises around a dozen PhDs.

Dr Adam Dalton is currently supervising four PhDs, one on the social impact of fantasy literature, one in writing historical fantasy, one in the use of fantasy literature in the classroom, and one in writing women's crime fiction.

Dr James Graham supervises PhDs across the areas of media and communications and post-colonial studies, and is currently supervising a Creative Writing PhD in the area of Zimbabwean fiction.

Dr Ariel Kahn is currently supervising several PhDs, principally in the areas of post-colonial literature, writing graphic novels and writing YA fiction.

Dr Adam Lively is currently supervising several PhDs, in areas which include writing speculative fiction and magical realism.

If you wish to make an application to be an MPhil/PhD at Middlesex University, more information can be found here

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